DirecTV Channels

DirecTV Choice
ABC Family (HD) Disney Channel (East) (HD) Jewish Life Television* Spike TV
A&E Disney Channel (West) Learning Channel (TLC) (HD) SyFy (HD)
A&E (HD) Disney Junior Channel (HD) Lifetime (HD) TBS (HD)
Animal Planet (HD) Disney XD (HD) Lifetime Movie Network (HD) TCT Network
Audience Network (HD) E! Entertainment Television (HD) LinkTV TeenNick
AXS TV (HD Only) Enlace Christian Television* MLB Network (HD) The Word Network
BBC America (HD) ESPN2 (HD) MTV (HD) Travel Channel (HD)
Black Entertainment Television (BET) (HD) EWTN MTV2 Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN)
Bloomberg Television (HD) Food Network (HD) NASA TruTV (HD)
Bravo (HD) Fox News Channel (HD) National Geographic Channel (HD) Turner Classic Movies (TCM) (HD)
BYUTV Free Speech TV* NFL Network (HD) TV Guide Network
C-SPAN FX (HD) Nick Jr. TV Land (HD)
C-SPAN2 Galavision (HD) Nickelodeon/Nick at Nite (East) (HD) TV One
CANAL ONCE Gem Shopping Network Nickelodeon/Nick at Nite (West) Uni Mas (HD)
Cartoon Network (East) GOD TV Nicktoons Network Univision (Este) (HD)
Cartoon Network (Este) HD Hallmark Channel (HD) NRB UP
Cartoon Network (West) Hallmark Movie Channel (HD) OWN (HD) USA Network (HD)
Christian Television Network (CTN) Headline News (HLN) (HD) Pursuit Channel V-me*
Church Channel History Channel (HD) QVC Velocity (HD only)
CNBC (HD) Home & Garden Television (HGTV) (HD) ReelzChannel WE: Women’s Entertainment
CNN (HD) Home Shopping Network (HSN) RFD-TV Weather Channel (HD)
Comedy Central (HD) Hope* Science Channel (HD) World Harvest Television
Daystar INSP ShopHQ changed to ShopHQ
DIRECTTV Customer Information Investigative Discovery (HD) SonicTap music channels – 55
Discovery Channel (HD) Jewelry Television SonicTap Music Channels – 59
DirecTV Entertainment
ABC Family (HD) Daystar HITN TV* ReelzChannel
A&E (HD) DIRECTTV Customer Information Home & Garden Television (HGTV) (HD) RFD-TV
Animal Planet (HD) Discovery Channel (HD) Home Shopping Network (HSN) ShopHQ changed to ShopHQ
Audience Network (HD) Disney Channel (East) (HD) Hope* SonicTap Music Channels – 59
AXS TV (HD Only) Disney Channel (West) INSP Spike (HD)
BabyFirstTV* Disney Junior Channel (HD) Investigative Discovery (HD) SyFy (HD)
BBC America (HD) Disney XD (HD) Jewelry Television TBS (HD)
Black Entertainment Television (BET) (HD) E! Entertainment Television (HD) Jewish Life Television* TCT Network
Bloomberg Television (HD) Enlace Christian Television* Lifetime (HD) TeenNick
Bravo (HD) ESPN (HD) LinkTV The Learning Channel (TLC) (HD)
BYUTV ESPN2 (HD) MSNBC (HD) The Word Network
C-SPAN2 Food Network (HD) MTV2 Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN)
CANAL ONCE Fox News Channel (HD) NASA TruTV (HD)
Cartoon Network (East) Free Speech TV* National Geographic Channel (HD) TV Land (HD)
Cartoon Network (Este) HD FX (HD) Nick Jr. Univision (Este) (HD)
Cartoon Network (West) Galavision (HD) Nickelodeon (East) (HD) USA Network (HD)
Christian Television Network (CTN) Gem Shopping Network Nickelodeon (West) V-me*
Church Channel GOD TV NRB Velocity (HD only)
CMT (HD) Hallmark Channel (HD) pivot VH1 (HD)
CNBC (HD) Hallmark Movie Channel (HD) Pursuit Channel Weather Channel (HD)
CNN (HD) Headline News (HLN) (HD) QVC (HD) World Harvest Television
Comedy Central (HD) History Channel (HD) QVC Plus
DirecTV Premiere
ABC Family (HD) Disney XD (HD) Headline News (HLN) (HD) SHOWTIME Beyond (HD only)
A&E (HD) DIY Network (HD) History Channel (HD) SHOWTIME EAST (HD)
Al Jazeera America E! Entertainment Television (HD) HITN* SHOWTIME Extreme (HD)
Altitude Sports & Entertainment (HD) El Rey Home & Garden Television (HGTV) (HD) SHOWTIME Next (HD only)
American Heros Channel ENCORE ACTION (HD) Home Shopping Network (HSN) SHOWTIME Showcase (HD)
American Movie Classics (AMC) (HD) ENCORE Black Hope* SHOWTIME West (HD)
Animal Planet (HD) ENCORE Classic Hub SHOWTIME Women (HD only)
Audience Network (HD) ENCORE (east HD/West) Independent Film Channel (IFC) (HD) SonicTap music channels – 84
AXS TV (HD Only) Encore Family INSP Spike (HD)
BabyFirstTV* Encore Suspense Investigative Discovery (HD) Sportsman Channel
BBC America (HD) Encore Westerns ION Television (east) (HD) SportsNet New York (HD)
beIN SPORTS (HD) Enlace Christian Television* ION Television West SportsSouth (HD)
Big Ten Network (BTN)(HD) ESPN Classic Jewelry Television SportsTime Ohio (HD)
BIO (HD) ESPN (HD) Jewish Life Television* Sprout
Black Entertainment Television (BET) (HD) ESPN2 (HD) Learning Channel (TLC) (HD) STARZ Cinema (HD only)
Bloomberg Television (HD) ESPNEWS (HD) Lifetime (HD) STARZ Comedy (HD only)
Boomerang ESPNU (HD) Lifetime Movie Network (HD) STARZ (East HD/West)
Bravo (HD) Esquire Network LinkTV STARZ Edge (HD)
C-SPAN FLIX Mid-Atlantic Sports Network (MASN) (HD) STARZ Kids & Family (HD only)
C-SPAN2 Food Network (HD) MLB Network (HD) Sun Sports (HD)
CANAL ONCE Fox Business Network (HD) Movie Channel Xtra (HD only) Sundance
Cartoon Network (East) Fox Deportes* MSG (Madison Square Garden) (HD) SyFy (HD)
Cartoon Network (Este) HD Fox News Channel (HD) MSG plus (HD) TBS (HD)
Cartoon Network (West) Fox Sports1 (HD) MSNBC (HD) TCT Network
CBS Sports Network (HD) Fox Sports2 (HD) MTV (HD) TeenNick
Centric Free Speech TV* MTV2 Tennis Channel (HD)
Chiller FSN Arizona (HD) mun2* The Movie Channel (East HD/West)
Christian Television Network (CTN) FSN Cincinnati (HD) NASA The Word Network
Church Channel FSN Detroit (HD) Nat Geo WILD (HD) Time Warner Cable Deportes (HD)
Cinemax: 5StarMAX East (HD only)* FSN Florida (HD) National Geographic Channel (HD) Time Warner Cable Sports Net (HD)
Cinemax (East HD/West) FSN Midwest (HD) NBA TV (HD) TNT (HD)
Cinemax: MAX Latino (HD only)* FSN North (HD) NBC Sports Network (HD) Travel Channel (HD)
Cinemax: MoreMAX (HD only)* FSN Ohio (HD) New England Sports Network (NESN) (HD) Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN)
Cinemax: MovieMAX East (HD only)* FSN San Diego (HD) NFL Network (HD) TruTV (HD)
Cinemax:ActionMax East (HD only)* FSN South (HD) NHL Network (HD) Turner Classic Movies (TCM) (HD)
Cinemax:ThrillerMAX(HD only)* FSN Southwest (HD) Nick Jr. TV Guide Network
cloo FSN West (HD) Nickelodeon/Nick at Nite (East) (HD) TV Land (HD)
CMT (HD) FUSE Nickelodeon/Nick at Nite (West) TV One
CNBC (HD) FX (HD) Nicktoons Network TVG
CNBC World FX Movie Channel NRB Uni Mas (HD)
CNN (HD) FXX (HD) Outdoor Channel Universal Sports
Comcast SportsNet Bay Area (HD) Galavision (HD) Ovation Univision Deportes Network (HD)
Comcast SportsNet California (HD) Gem Shopping Network OWN (HD) Univision (Este) (HD)
Comcast SportsNet Chicago (HD) GOD TV Oxygen UP
Comcast SportsNet Mid-Atlantic (HD) Golf Channel (HD) pivot USA Network (HD)
Comcast SportsNet New England (HD) Great American Country (GAC) Prime Ticket (HD) V-me*
Comedy Central (HD) GSN Pursuit Channel Velocity (HD only)
Cooking Channel (HD) H2 (HD) QVC (HD) VH1 Classic
Daystar Hallmark Channel (HD) QVC Plus VH1 (HD)
Destination America (HD) Hallmark Movie Channel ReelzChannel WE: Women’s Entertainment
DIRECTTV Customer Information HBO Comedy (HD only) RFD-TV Weather Channel (HD)
DIRECTTV HD Sportsmix HD HBO (East/West) HD Root Sports Northwest (HD) WGN America (HD)
Discovery Channel (HD) HBO Family (East HD/West) Root Sports Pittsburgh (HD) World Harvest Television
Discovery Fit & Health HBO Latino (HD only) Root Sports Rocky Mountain (HD) YES Network (HD)
Disney Channel (East) (HD) HBO Signature (HD) Science Channel (HD)
Disney Channel (West) HBO Zone (HD only) ShopHQ changed to ShopHQ
Disney Junior Channel (HD) HBO2 East/West (HD) SHOWTIME 2 (HD)
DirecTV Select
ABC Family (HD) Disney Channel (East) Hope Channel SonicTap Music Channels – 59
A&E (HD) Disney Channel (West) INSP Spike (HD)
Animal Planet (HD) Disney Junior Channel (HD) Investigative Discovery (HD) SyFy (HD)
Audience (HD) Disney XD (HD) Jewelry Television TBS (HD)
AXS TV (HD Only) E! Entertainment Television (HD) Jewish Life TV TCT Network
BabyFirstTV Enlace Lifetime (HD) TeenNick
BBC America (HD) EWTN LinkTV The Church Channel (TCC)
Black Entertainment Television (BET) (HD) Food Network (HD) MSNBC (HD) The Learning Channel (TLC) (HD)
Bloomberg Television (HD) Fox News Channel (HD) MTV2 The Weather Channel (HD)
Bravo (HD) Free Speech TV NASA TNT (HD)
BYUTV FX (HD) National Geographic Channel (HD) Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN)
C-SPAN Galavision (HD) Nick Jr. TruTV (HD)
C-SPAN2 Gem Shopping Network Nickelodeon/Nick at Nite (East) (HD) Turner Classic Movies (TCM)
CANAL ONCE GOD TV Nickelodeon/Nick at Nite (West) TV Land (HD)
Cartoon Network (East) Hallmark Channel (HD) NRB Univision (East) (HD)
Cartoon Network (West) Hallmark Movie Channel (HD) pivot USA Network (HD)
Christian Television Network (CTN) Headline News (HLN) (HD) Pursuit Channel Velocity (HD only)
CNBC (HD) History Channel (HD) QVC (HD) VH1 (HD)
CNN (HD) HITN TV ReelzChannel Vme
Comedy Central (HD) Home & Garden Television (HGTV) (HD) RFD-TV World Harvest Television
Country Music Television (CMT) (HD) Home Shopping Network (HSN) ShopHQ
DirecTV Ultimate
ABC Family (HD) Disney Channel (East) (HD) HITN* ReelzChannel
A&E (HD) Disney Channel (West) Home & Garden Television (HGTV) (HD) RFD-TV
Al Jazeera America Disney Junior Channel (HD) Home Shopping Network (HSN) Science Channel (HD)
American Heros Channel Disney XD (HD) Hope* ShopHQ changed to ShopHQ
American Movie Classics (AMC) (HD) DIY Network (HD) Hub SonicTap music channels – 80
Animal Planet (HD) E! Entertainment Television (HD) Independent Film Channel (IFC) (HD) Spike (HD)
Audience Network (HD) El Rey INSP Sportsman Channel
AXS TV (HD Only) ENCORE ACTION (HD) Investigative Discovery (HD) Sprout
BabyFirstTV* ENCORE Black ION Television (east) (HD) Sundance
BBC America (HD) ENCORE Classic ION Television West SyFy (HD)
Big Ten Network (BTN)(HD) ENCORE (east HD/West) Jewelry Television TBS (HD)
BIO (HD) Encore Family Jewish Life Television* TCT Network
Black Entertainment Television (BET) (HD) Encore Suspense Learning Channel (TLC) (HD) TeenNick
Bloomberg Television (HD) Encore Westerns Lifetime (HD) Tennis Channel (HD)
Boomerang Enlace Christian Television* Lifetime Movie Network (HD) The Movie Channel (East HD/West)
Bravo (HD) ESPN (HD) LinkTV The Word Network
C-SPAN ESPNEWS (HD) MLB Network (HD) Travel Channel (HD)
C-SPAN2 ESPNU (HD) MSNBC (HD) Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN)
CANAL ONCE Esquire Network MTV (HD) TruTV (HD)
Cartoon Network (East) EWTN MTV2 Turner Classic Movies (TCM) (HD)
Cartoon Network (Este) HD Food Network (HD) mun2* TV Guide Network
Cartoon Network (West) Fox Business Network (HD) NASA TV Land (HD)
CBS Sports Network (HD) Fox News Channel (HD) Nat Geo WILD (HD) TV One
Centric Fox Sports1 (HD) National Geographic Channel (HD) TVG
Chiller Fox Sports2 (HD) NBA TV (HD) Uni Mas (HD)
Christian Television Network (CTN) Free Speech TV* NBC Sports Network (HD) Univision Deportes Network (HD)
Church Channel FUSE NFL Network (HD) Univision (Este) (HD)
cloo FX (HD) NHL Network (HD) UP
CMT (HD) FX Movie Channel Nick Jr. USA Network (HD)
CNBC (HD) FXX (HD) Nickelodeon/Nick at Nite (East) (HD) V-me*
CNBC World Galavision (HD) Nickelodeon/Nick at Nite (West) Velocity (HD only)
CNN (HD) Gem Shopping Network Nicktoons Network VH1 Classic
Comedy Central (HD) GOD TV NRB VH1 (HD)
Cooking Channel (HD) Golf Channel (HD) Ovation WE: Women’s Entertainment
Daystar Great American Country (GAC) OWN (HD) Weather Channel (HD)
Destination America (HD) GSN Oxygen WGN America (HD)
DIRECTTV Customer Information H2 (HD) pivot World Harvest Television
DIRECTTV HD Sportsmix HD Hallmark Channel (HD) Pursuit Channel
Discovery Channel (HD) Headline News (HLN) (HD) QVC (HD)
Discovery Fit & Health History Channel (HD) QVC Plus
DirecTV Xtra
ABC Family (HD) Discovery Channel (HD) Home & Garden Television (HGTV) (HD) Pursuit Channel
A&E (HD) Discovery Fit & Health Home Shopping Network (HSN) QVC (HD)
Al Jazeera America Disney Channel (East) (HD) Hope* QVC Plus
American Heros Channel Disney Channel (West) Hub ReelzChannel
Animal Planet (HD) Disney Junior Channel (HD) Independent Film Channel (IFC) (HD) RFD-TV
Audience Network (HD) Disney XD (HD) INSP Science Channel (HD)
AXS TV (HD Only) DIY Network (HD) Investigative Discovery (HD) ShopHQ changed to ShopHQ
BabyFirstTV* E! Entertainment Television (HD) ION Television (east) (HD) SonicTap music channels – 77
BBC America (HD) El Rey ION Television West Spike (HD)
Big Ten Network (BTN)(HD) Enlace Christian Television* Jewelry Television Sportsman Channel
BIO (HD) ESPN (HD) Jewish Life Television* SyFy (HD)
Black Entertainment Television (BET) (HD) ESPN2 (HD) Learning Channel (TLC) (HD) TBS (HD)
Bloomberg Television (HD) ESPNEWS (HD) Lifetime (HD) TCT Network
Bravo (HD) ESPNU (HD) Lifetime Movie Network (HD) TeenNick
BYUTV EWTN LinkTV Tennis Channel (HD)
C-SPAN Food Network (HD) Logo The Word Network
C-SPAN2 Fox Business Network (HD) MLB Network (HD) TNT (HD)
CANAL ONCE Fox News Channel (HD) MSNBC (HD) Travel Channel (HD)
Cartoon Network (East) Fox Sports1 (HD) MTV (HD) Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN)
Cartoon Network (Este) HD Fox Sports2 (HD) MTV2 TruTV (HD)
Cartoon Network (West) Free Speech TV* mun2* Turner Classic Movies (TCM) (HD)
CBS Sports Network (HD) FUSE NASA TV Guide Network
Centric FX (HD) Nat Geo WILD (HD) TV Land (HD)
Chiller FX Movie Channel National Geographic Channel (HD) TV One
Christian Television Network (CTN) FXX (HD) NBA TV (HD) Uni Mas (HD)
Church Channel Galavision (HD) NBC Sports Network (HD) Univision (Este) (HD)
CMT (HD) Gem Shopping Network NFL Network (HD) UP
CNBC (HD) GOD TV Nick Jr. USA Network (HD)
CNBC World Golf Channel (HD) Nickelodeon/Nick at Nite (East) (HD) V-me*
CNN (HD) Great American Country (GAC) Nickelodeon/Nick at Nite (West) Velocity (HD only)
Comedy Central (HD) GSN Nicktoons Network VH1 Classic
Cooking Channel (HD) H2 (HD) NRB VH1 (HD)
Daystar Hallmark Channel (HD) Ovation WE: Women’s Entertainment
Destination America (HD) Headline News (HLN) (HD) OWN (HD) Weather Channel (HD)
DIRECTTV Customer Information History Channel (HD) Oxygen WGN America (HD)
DIRECTTV HD Sportsmix HD HITN* pivot World Harvest Television